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Author: PurdueGuy

Yes, there really are JDM Saturns.

Saturn exported the S-Series to Japan from 1997 to (DATE).  JDM means "Japanese Domestic Market" and refers to OEM parts in Japan.  These are not necessarily performance parts or fancy appearance parts, though those parts are often the point of interest for tuners that seek out JDM parts.  In the case of JDM Saturns, there are no high performance parts - the drivetrain components are essentially, if not exactly, the same as their US counterparts.  There are some unique characteristics of the JDM Saturns, though, and I have tried to collect some basic information about them below.

General Facts:

RHD Saturns - Saturn sold RHD (right-hand drive) models in Japan, and also in the US.  The US versions were all automatic SW1s for postal service.

Automatic only - all RHD Saturns are automatic transmission cars.  A manual swap would require a custom clutch hydraulic system and probably a custom clutch pedal mount.

SW-P - Saturn sold RHD SW1s in the US for postal service.  They are generally referred to as "SW-P"s

JDM parts:

RHD Parts - All parts specific to RHD models could be considered JDM parts.  This includes:

- Dashboard - both 2nd and 3rd gen interiors were made for RHD

- Steering rack

Gear Selector - The automatic gear selector is different, as seen below


"Breakaway" Mirrors - These mirrors have the pivot point in them so they fold in for tight parking and to help prevent the mirror breaking if it is hit.

Window Switches - The window switches are more flat than the curved US window switches (see below).


Hazerd Light button - In the 2nd gen RHD interior, the hazard light button is located on top of the center stack, instead of on top of the steering column.

KPH cluster - Ok, this one is a stretch, since the kilometers cluster is used for the Canadian market as well.  As far as I know, they are the same cluster, but there may be some small differences.

"Breakaway" Mirrors - These mirrors have the pivot point in them so they fold in


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