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Author: PurdueGuy

There are 3 Models of Saturn S-Series:

    Note: All S-series models begin with an "S".

    "SC" = "Sports Coupe" - 2 or 3 door coupe.

    "SL" = "Sedan Level" - 4 door sedan

    "SW" = "Sedan Wagon" - Station Wagon

There are 2 Trim Levels for each Model:

Examples: SC1, SC2, SL1, SL2, SW1, SW2

Quick Summary: "1"=85 or 100 hp SOHC

                             "2" = 124 hp DOHC, rear anti-swaybar

Each model was available most years in 2 trim levels, which was denoted by a "1" or a "2" after the model name. 

The "1" is a more economy-oriented trim level, featuring a Single OverHead Cam (SOHC) engine. (85 hp '91-'94, 100 hp '95-02)

Below: SOHC engine - note that the spark plugs go into the engine diagonally below the valve cover.

This setup had better fuel economy, but less pep.  The "1" level models also tended to have fewer features standard.

The "2" is a more sporty, performance oriented trim level, featuring a Dual OverHead Cam (DOHC) engine. (124 hp - all years) 

Below: DOHC engine - note that the spark plugs go into the engine vertically along a valley in the valve cover.

This setup is quick, but not a sports car.  Still, these vehicles are zippy, while still providing excellent economy.  The "2" level cars also featured a rear anti-sway bar in the suspension, improving handling.  Some other small details set the trim levels apart, depending on the year of the vehicle.

There are 3 "Generations" of Saturn S-Series:

(Generations denote major changes, for the Saturn S-Series, this indicates major body styling changes, often accompanied by other less noticable changes)

    SC:     1st Gen: 1991-1996 (SC1 model introduced in '93,

                                          SC model renamed SC2)

              2nd Gen: 1997-2000

              3rd Gen: 2001-2002

    SL:     1st Gen: 1991-1995

              2nd Gen: 1996-1999

              3rd Gen: 2000-2002

    SW:    1st Gen: 1993-1995

               2nd Gen: 1996-1999

               3rd Gen: 2000-2002



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