Remove / Install Brake Pedal (1995-2002 S-Series)

Author: clatterclatterbenz Relevant Models All 1995-2002 S-Series Tools Ratchet 8mm socket (for battery terminal) Torx socket [size?] (optional, for rear view mirror removal) Removal / Installation Step 1 Grab an eight millimeter socket and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Step … Continue reading

Remove / Install Shift Boot (1995-2002 S-Series)

Lift rear of shift boot

Author: Jonathan Swain (aka “PurdueGuy”) Relevant Models All 1995-2002 S-Series with manual transmission Tools Flathead screwdriver (For center console removal) Phillips screwdriver (For center console removal) Removal Step 1 Remove center console (1995-1999) Remove center console (2000-2002) Step 2 Remove manual … Continue reading