S-Series Generations

There are 3 “Generations” of Saturn S-Series: (Generations denote major changes. These major changes could be seen in the exterior design, interior design, and electronics systems) Exterior design generations SC (coupes): 1st Gen: 1991-1996 2nd Gen: 1997-2000 3rd Gen: 2001-2002 … Continue reading

S-Series Engines

Saturn LL0

There are 3 Major Types of Engine for the S-Series: LK0 – SOHC, TBI (’91-’94) 85 crank HP L24 – SOHC, MPFI (’95-’02) 100 crank HP LL0 – DOHC, MPFI (’91-’02) 124 crank HP SOHC = Single Overhead Cam (one … Continue reading