S-Series Generations

There are 3 “Generations” of Saturn S-Series:

(Generations denote major changes. These major changes could be seen in the exterior design, interior design, and electronics systems)

Exterior design generations

SC (coupes):
1st Gen: 1991-1996
2nd Gen: 1997-2000
3rd Gen: 2001-2002

SL (sedans):
1st Gen: 1991-1995
2nd Gen: 1996-1999
3rd Gen: 2000-2002

SW (wagons):
1st Gen: 1993-1995
2nd Gen: 1996-1999
3rd Gen: 2000-2002

Interior design generations:

1st Gen: ’91-’94
2nd Gen: ’95-’99
3rd Gen: ’00-’02

Electronics systems generations:

1st gen: ’91-’94 (OBD1)
2nd gen: ’95-’99 (OBD2)
3rd gen: ’00-’02 (OBD2 with new PCM/BCM design)

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