S-Series: Basic Differences Between Models

There are 3 models/body styles of Saturn S-Series:

Note: All S-series models begin with an “S”.

“SC” = “Sports Coupe” – 2 or 3 door coupe.

“SL” = “Sedan Level” – 4 door sedan

“SW” = “Sedan Wagon” – Station Wagon

Trim Levels

Each body style came in SOHC and DOHC trim levels. Generally, SOHC models are denoted by a “1” after the model name (ex: SC1 is a coupe with a SOHC engine), while DOHC models were denoted by a “2” after the model name (ex: SL2 is a sedan with a twin cam engine).

There are three exceptions to this rule:

The first is the SL model, which is a “value” base model SL with a SOHC engine featuring fewer options than the SL1 models.

The second is the SC model. For ’91-’92, the coupe body style was only offered with the DOHC engine, and was called the SC instead of the SC2. When the SC1 was introduced in 1993, the SC was renamed SC2.

The third is commonly referred to as the SW-P. This was a right hand drive postal wagon. As Saturn exported the S-Series for a short time to Japan, they also offered the RHD model for postal delivery service. These were all automatic SOHC models.

List of all S-Series models:

SC (’91-’92 DOHC)
SC1 (’93-’02 SOHC)
SC2 (’93-’02 DOHC)
SL (’91?-’02 SOHC)
SL1 (’91-’02 SOHC)
SL2 (’91-’02 DOHC)
SW1 (’93-’02 SOHC)
SW2 (’93-’02 DOHC)
SW-P (?-? SOHC)

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