Remove / Install Shift Boot (1995-2002 S-Series)

Lift rear of shift boot

Author: Jonathan Swain (aka “PurdueGuy”) Relevant Models All 1995-2002 S-Series with manual transmission Tools Flathead screwdriver (For center console removal) Phillips screwdriver (For center console removal) Removal Step 1 Remove center console (1995-1999) Remove center console (2000-2002) Step 2 Remove manual … Continue reading

S-Series Stock Wheels

Stock alloy wheels For a full list of stock Saturn alloy wheels, check out Stock hubcaps 14 inch #1 – 7 slot – OEM #FWC06000U20 ’91-’95 #2 – 6 slot – OEM #FWC06001U20 ’91-’95 #3 – 10 spoke – … Continue reading

S-Series Trim Level Differences

Differences between S(x)1 and S(x)2 The trim levels through the rest of the page will be referred to as “1’s” (SC1, SL1, SW1) and “2’s” (SC2, SL2, SW2). 1) The engine The most commonly known difference 1’s and 2’s is … Continue reading

S-Series Transmissions

There are 4 types of transmission for the S-Series: MP2 – Manual Transmission, found in SOHC models MP3 – Manual Transmission, found in DOHC models MP6 – Automatic Transmission, found in SOHC models MP7 – Automatic Transmission, found in DOHC … Continue reading

S-Series Generations

There are 3 “Generations” of Saturn S-Series: (Generations denote major changes. These major changes could be seen in the exterior design, interior design, and electronics systems) Exterior design generations SC (coupes): 1st Gen: 1991-1996 2nd Gen: 1997-2000 3rd Gen: 2001-2002 … Continue reading