S-Series Trim Level Differences

Differences between S(x)1 and S(x)2

The trim levels through the rest of the page will be referred to as “1’s” (SC1, SL1, SW1) and “2’s” (SC2, SL2, SW2).

1) The engine
The most commonly known difference 1’s and 2’s is the engine. The 1’s have the SOHC (85 hp ’91-’94, 100 hp ’95-’02), while the 2’s have the DOHC (124 hp ’91-’02).

2) The transmission
The 1’s transmissions (MP2, MP6) are geared for economy, the 2’s (MP3, MP7) are geared more for acceleration.

3) The seats
The seats in the 1’s are a single-piece back. The seat adjusts 2 ways: forward/backward slide, and forward/backward tilting seat back. There is no separate headrest.

The seats in the 2’s also slide forward/backward, and the seatback tilts forward/backward, but the seats also have a lumbar adjustment (driver’s side only) and a separate, adjustable headrest.

4) The fabric
The 1’s use a simple, durable fabric, while the 2’s use a more plush fabric. Also, the seats seem to be more cushioned.

5) Rear anti-sway bar
1’s do not have a rear anti-sway bar. 2’s do.

6) Front anti-sway bar
1’s front anti-sway bar is thinner than 2’s, due to the 2’s having a rear anti-sway bar.

7) Gauge cluster
1’s gauges show up to 110 mph and redline at 5,500 RPM. 2’s gauges show up to 130 mph and redline at 6,750 RPM.

8) EVO (Electronically Controlled Orifice)
Only found on 2’s, the EVO is a valve for the power steering that progressively decreases power assist as speeds increase and totally turns off the assist at around 35 mph. (Not sure if this one is accurate – have heard of people finding EVO’s on 1’s)

Other trim level differences:

SL vs. SL1:
The SL is the bare-bones base 4 door model. It has pretty much no options at all. Will try to get more detail of just how stripped down it is later.

’93-’96 SC1 vs. SC vs. SC2
For ’91-’92, the coupes were only available as DOHC models, and called “SC”. The SC1 was introduced in 1993, and the SC was renamed SC2. The SC and SC2 are the same, aside from model year changes.

Aside from the differences listed above, there are a few differences specific to the 1st gen SC1 vs SC/SC2. First, the front is different. SC1 uses some of the SL/SW front end with fixed headlights, but with unique fenders to match the coupe door shape. SC2 has pop-up headlights and unique front facia. The SC1 does not have the trunk lid reflector the SC2 does.

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