Remove / Install Center Console (1991-1994 S-Series)

Author: Jonathan Swain (aka "PurdueGuy")

Relevant Models

1991-1992 SC
1993-1994 SC1
1993-1994 SC2
1991-1994 SL
1991-1994 SL1
1991-1994 SL2
1993-1994 SW1
1993-1994 SW2


Sorry the console is so gross in these pictures – these were taken as I was taking the interior apart to clean it up.


  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver


Step 1

If no center armrest is installed, remove the 2 screws at the rear of the console. The same screws are used to hold down the console or to hold down the armrest – 2 phillips screws.

Step 2

If you have manual windows, I think you can just leave the little tray in.

Step 3

Remove screws at the front of the console. To get at the screws, you’ll pop the little black piece from in front of the fuse box on the passenger side (just grab & pull from the top), and the same piece on the drivers side. There is one phillips screw on each side.

Step 4

Remove ash tray. It lifts right out

Step 5

Unclip ash tray light. This thing holds on tight, but should unclip when pushed downward.

Step 6

Remove the cover in the lower center part of the console. Lift from the e-brake handle end. 2 clips will pop loose.

Step 8

Pop the seatbelt guides loose. You can get these loose from the outside if you can get a screwdriver in behind the top of the guide, or you can lift the console up some to get underneath and push the guide out from inside the console.

Step 9

Snake the seatbelts and guides through their holes, and remove the console.


Installation is the reverse of removal.

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