Remove / Install Windshield Wiper Arms (All S-Series)

Author: Jonathan Swain (aka "PurdueGuy")

Unfortunately the images for this guide corrupted. Hopefully we get a chance to replace them someday.

Relevant Models

All S-Series


  • 13mm wrench or socket & ratchet



Note: I recommend leaving the wiper blade installed during the removal and installation of the wiper arm.  It will help protect your glass from scratches.

Step 1

Remove cap over the nut. If it hasn’t been lost, there is a plastic cap over the nut at the swivel point of the arm.  Swing this cap up as far as it will go (no need to force it), then pull straight out.  Should pop off easily.

Step 2

Remove the nut. The nut shouldn’t be too hard to get loose.  It requires a 13mm socket or wrench, and is normally threaded (counter-clockwise to loosen).

Step 3

Remove the wiper arm. The arm should still feel like it is on there fairly solid – it and the post are both splined (have little ridges that prevent slipping).  You can probably get the wiper arm loose by folding the arm completely upward away from the glass and wiggling it a bit.  If this doesn’t work, you can also put some locking pliers on the arm near the swivel point and pull straight outward.  (I did the pliers thing before a friend showed me how easy it was to wiggle it off…)


Installation is essentially the reverse of removal.  The shorter of the two wiper arms goes on the passenger side.  The only thing to really watch is the alignment of the wiper arm.  Make sure the wiper posts are in the fully down position – hopefully this is how they were when you removed them.  If they’re not, turning on the car with the wiper switch off for a few moments should complete any wiper cycle it might be in the middle of, and return the post rotation to the full-down position.  DO NOT DO THIS WITH THE ARM RESTING ON THE POST.  That would be a great way to have something go wrong, and scratch the glass.

With the posts in the full-down position, the wiper arm should rest just above the dotted area around the edge of the windshield glass – this is the normal resting position of the wiper blade.  Put the arm on about where it looks right, carefully fold it down (without hitting the glass if the wiper blade isn’t on), and see where it is, then adjust accordingly.

Once the wiper is in the right spot, just tighten the nut pretty well, then snap the plastic cap back on.

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