“Express” Sunroof Switch

Author: Jonathan Swain (aka "PurdueGuy")

Relevant Models

All S-Series with sunroof


Flathead screwdriver or other prying device


Step 3

Remove switch cover. The switch cover pivots on 2 points, you’ll have to carefully pry the switch away from & over those two points.

Step 4

Remove the spring and black cap. They slide right out.  I recommend keeping them someplace you can find them in case you want to undo this mod.

Step 5



The spring and cap are what causes the switch to return to the center position.  By removing them, you can put the switch in any position and leave it.


You need to be sure to put the switch back in the center (neutral) position after the sunroof opens or closes.  It is likely that the sunroof stops moving simply because it cannot move anymore when it gets to the end positions, but the motor is still receiving power.  Leaving the switch in the open/close positions after motion may damage the sunroof motor, and Saturn sunroofs are not fun to repair.  This mod should not, however, risk running your battery down if left in an open/close position, because the sunroof switch does not receive power unless the key is in the “run” position.

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