Magnet-held trash bin

Author: Jonathan Swain (aka "PurdueGuy")


This is a mod I did in my ’99 SC1 to have a trash bin in the car without it taking up rear seat legroom, and not having something that will roll right off the rear floor hump.

(Unfortunately a lot of the photos for this guide have corrupted.)


  • Rear seat with center console
  • Magnets
  • Trash bin
  • Imagination


Step 2

Install magnet in rear center console. Original plans had magnets glued to the inside of the plastic of the console, but the magnets I was using at that point were too weak.  My final design uses a magnet that I pulled out of a really old computer hard drive, which was very, very strong.  So strong that it would’ve taken some serious glue to make it hold.  Instead, since it had a couple of screw holes, I decided to zip-tie it to the metal frame of the rear seat assembly.

Step 3

Reinstall console.

Step 4

Align to trash bin. You have to figure out what the magnet is going to latch to on the trash bin.  In my case, I had a second metal plate without a magnet that also came from the hard drive and matched up well with the magnet in the console.  I test attached the plate, making sure it was plenty strong to handle quick turns and such.  Once I was confident with it, I figured out where I needed my screw holes in my trash bin.

Step 5

Attach plate to trash bin. I used self-tapping screws, then chopped the ends off after piloting them in the first time.  I had them go through the plastic and into a piece of rubber, just to make sure things wouldn’t catch on the ends of the screws.

Step 6

Test. I’m pretty sure it’s going to stay put.  I’ll have to do some “road testing” tomorrow, though!  To remove the trash bin, I just grab it and take it out.  With the trash bin out, you can’t tell it’s not stock, because you can’t see any signs of the magnet inside the center console.

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