Replace Map Light Bulb (All S-Series with sunroof)

Author: Jonathan Swain (aka "PurdueGuy")

Relevant Models

All S-Series with sunroof


  • Rag (installation only)


Step 2

Pop the bulb loose.  It’s just a wedged-in bulb, so you can just pop it loose with your fingers (it’ll be HOT if it were lit recently), or a screwdriver or something.


Step 1

Wedge the bulb in. Wipe down & hold the bulb with the rag – oil from your hands will make it burn out prematurely. Direction doesn’t matter, just seat the metal ends of the bulb in the notches on each end.

Step 2

Test it. Clicky, clicky.

Step 3

Reinstall the map light cover.  It just clicks back into place.

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