Remove / Install Manual Shifter Assembly

Author: Jonathan Swain (aka "PurdueGuy")

Relevant Models

All S-Series with manual transmission


  • Ratchet
  • 10mm socket
  • 13mm socket (might require deep socket?)
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Large pliers (slip-joint pliers work well)
  • 2 flat-head screwdrivers


Step 5

Remove the cable guide. You might be able to do this with your fingers, but have a flathead or something around in case you need it.  It just clips in – pop it loose from the inside and slide it off.

Step 6

Remove the cable bracket. Use the 10mm socket to remove the bolt and bracket.

Step 7

Remove the attached wires. On mine there were 3 sets of wires that were mounted to the shifter.  You’ll want to pop these free so you don’t have to wrestle with them later.  They’re tough to get out without somewhat boogering them up, but it’s not really a problem if you do booger them a bit.  I just grabbed ahold with needle-nose pliers and pryed them out.  2 of them are mounted on the rear of the shifter, the 3rd by the cable bracket you just removed in step 6.

Step 8

Remove the 4 nuts holding the assembly down. Use the 13mm socket to remove them.  This might require a deep socket, I’m not sure.

Step 9

Lift the assembly off the bolts and lay it on its side so you can see the cables. At this point, the 2 cables should be all that’s attached to the assembly.

Step 10

Remove the outer (selector) cable. Wedge 2 flathead screwdrivers (larger flatheads are better) under each side of where the cable mounts, and twist the screwdrivers to pop the cable free.

Step 11

Remove the inner (shifter) cable. Use the large pliers to firmly grasp the cable clip and rotate it so it rolls off the ball it’s on and pop it free.


Installation is pretty much reverse of removal.  When you go to re-attach the cables, the inner one is easiest to re-attach with some really big pliers, and just squeeze it back on.  The outer one is similar, but much easier – I think I snapped it back on with my hands – no tools.

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