Corner light blinker mod

Author: Jonathan Swain (aka "PurdueGuy")

Relevant Models

All S-Series


  • Ratchet
  • 7mm socket


Step 3

Splice an about 18″ length of wire to the black wire to the side marker light. Tape off the wire leading into the body of the car to prevent any shorts or corrosion in case you need it someday. Attach your length of wire to the black wire leading into the bulb socket.

Step 4

Splice the other end of the wire into the blue-green wire leading to the turn signal bulb. The blue-green wire should remain connected. You can strip away a section of the insulation from the blue-green wire and connect the other end of your linking wire, as pictured below.

Step 5

Protect the splices. Be sure to protect from corrosion. I used some paint-on electrical tape/sealant.

Step 6

Repeat for the other side. The blue-green wire may be more blue on one side, but otherwise, the steps are the same.

Step 7

Reassemble & test

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