Custom Tail Lights

Author: Micah


Nobody manufactures custom tail lights for the Saturn S-Series, however, there are ways to customize your factory Saturn tail lights:

Redding Out

This makes the rear turn signal red instead of amber.

Step 1

Remove your tail lights. (91-95 SLx – 3 Torx Screws)

Step 2

Wash with dish soap.

Step 3

Sand orange portion (or entire tail light if you want to) with 600 grit wet sandpaper. 

Step 4

Wash tail lights again.

Step 5

Mask off any portion that you do not want to paint (reverse lights)

Step 6

Spray Red Anodized Look Paint (Wal-Mart or Auto Parts Store) or Candy Apple Red Paint (Hobby Store) in thin coats, follow the directions on the can. 

Step 7

Sand with 800 grit wet sandpaper between each coat. 

Step 8

Spray clear coat for protection, or have tail lights professionally clear coated for best results. 


Follow same steps as redding out, but use VHT Niteshades (eBay, Summit Racing). Do not tint reverse lights because it will reduce night time visibility when backing up. 

To remove raised lettering, use a flat razorblade. 

Rewiring (Baed on 1st Gen SLx)

*Do Not Change Any of the Ground Wires 

The rear lights are positively switched. 

I chose to use the thin strip on the bottom of the tail light as the parking lights and turn signals (after redding out). The upper portion remains the brake light only. I wired the small 194 bulb in the corner to blink with the turn signal. 

The original turn signal bulb is a single filament, so it can only serve one function. I took a dual filament socket and shaved the tail light housing with a rotary toll so it would fit the 1157 bulb hole. 


Brake: blue 
Parking: brown 
Turn Signal: yellow

Custom Paint

I took my tail lights to the local body shop with a design that I drew, and had them color match the tail lights to my car.

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