Replace the IAT Sensor (’91-’02 DOHC, ’95-’02 SOHC)

Author: Jonathan Swain (aka "PurdueGuy")


IAT = Intake Air Temperature sensor

The IAT sensor is a thermistor – that is, it’s a resistor that changes resistance with temperature.  The resistance level tells the PCM the coolant temperature.  The ECTS (engine coolant temperature sensor) and the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor are the same part.


(brass tip – may also be resin tipped & more rounded)

<< sensor end                         wiring connector end >>

Relevant Models

1991-1992 SC
1995-2002 SC1
1993-2002 SC2
1995-2002 SL
1995-2002 SL1
1991-2002 SL2
1995-2001 SW1
1993-2001 SW2


  • 13mm socket & ratchet, or 13mm wrench
  • Needle nose pliers (angled tip if you have them)


New IAT (brass or resin tip should work fine.  The brass tipped is highly recommended for use for the ECTS, but the IAT does not get put to the same abuse, so either style works fine)


On most S-Series, the IAT sensor is in a tube in front of the air filter box.  As you’re standing in front of the car, look at the corner of the air filter box to the right & close to you.  The tube comes from this corner, and the IAT is screwed into that tube.


Step 1

Remove the wiring connector. Use your fingers or the needle nose pliers to squeeze the connector, releasing the tabs.  Gently pull the connector from the sensor.

Step 2

Unscrew the IAT using the 13mm socket or wrench.  Loosens counterclockwise (normal thread direction).

Step 3

Install is reverse of removal.  No need to tighten very tight.

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