Remove / Install Lower Door Trim – Driver Side (’99-’02 SC [3 door])

Author: Jonathan Swain (aka "PurdueGuy")

Relevant Models

1999-2002 SC1 (3 door)
1999-2002 SC2 (3 door)



Removal / Installation

This how-to was done on a late ’99 SC 3-door. The same basic methods of removal should work for many other trim pieces, as identical mounting pieces are used on many other pieces of trim. The trim piece should be identical to those on all ’97-’99 SC’s, despite the lack of the 3rd door on all but late ‘99’s.

This is the piece that I am discussing (red arrow). It is from the inside, along the bottom of the door opening (yellow arrow).

Removal is simple, but be patient so you don’t break the trim.

Start at the front of the trim (near the pedals). Get a solid grip around the large piece of the trim under the dash, and give a constant, solid pull. Sudden yanking may be more likely to cause the trim to break, and the closer you can grip to the trim mounting pieces, the better.

This is what the mounting pieces look like. They are a metal clip with foam around them. They are reusable, so be nice to them.

They mount into holes like this:

When the front end of the trim comes loose, you will simply work your way back along the trim and pull each of the mounting pieces loose, one by one. Remember to grip as close as you can to the mounting pieces to reduce the chances of breaking the trim.

When you get all the mounts loose, the whole piece will slide forward just a bit to come out from under the rear seat. Congrats, you just removed the trim!

Below are a few reference pictures to see where to expect mounting points.

3 near the floor in front of the seat, 1 up high on the kickplate area…

one beside the seat (along with a notch for the seatbelt mount)…

and 2 more between the front and rear seats.

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